Silver and Ruby Rhinestone Bangle

Silver and Ruby Rhinestone Bangle

Rhinestone Bangles with Meena work

Rhinestone Bangles with Meena work

Ethnic Peacock Bangles with Rhinestone

Ethnic Peacock Bangles with Rhinestone
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Gold tone bangles along with rhinestone and Meena work are a rare catch. These bangles are unique in its own way and nature approved. Eye-catching and exceptional in the appeal and sure to get you noticed.
These ravishing bangles are an evocation of nature. The gold tone bangles are gleaming in appeal and the embellished rhinestone are marvelously scintillating. The peacock detail gives an outstanding charm to the Meena workaround in iridescent color which are sapphire blue, emerald green, and scarlet red. The wings of the peacock are teardrop shaped with a pine corn texture making it look acmatic. So tear off your cocoon and set the world ablaze with these exotic bangles. Pair them with dangling earrings and your favorite saree.

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"I choose my jewellery to reflect my mood"


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  • Use a soft toothbrush to clean crystals if necessary.
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  • To avoid black markings either on your skin or the bangles, be sure to clean your bangles regularly. These markings are due to trapped oil and dirt in the metal and can be easily cleaned.


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